International Cooperation

Micro Photon Devices has been involved since its foundation in International Research Projects



Parallel fluorescence spectroscopy tools for micro and nano- analytical applications down to single biomolecules
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The aim of the MiSPIA project (Microelectronic Single-Photon 3D Imaging Arrays for low-light high-speed Safety and Security Applications) is the development of beyond state-of-the-art photonics technology for array imagers of smart-pixels able to detect single photons.
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The aim of the project is the development and clinical validation of advanced non-invasive optical methodologies for in-vivo diagnosis, monitoring, and prognosis of major neurological diseases (stroke, epilepsy, ischemia), based on diffuse optical imaging by pulsed near infrared light.
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Quantum InterfacES, SENsors, and Communication based on Entanglement (Q-ESSENCE) Integrating Project will aim at

  • Development of quantum interfaces capable of high-fidelity mapping of quantum information between different quantum systems
  • Generation of quantum entanglement at new scales and distances as a resource to carry out quantum information tasks
  • Engineering multipartite entanglement in specific topologies of elementary systems

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