Application Note:How-to make FLIM and 3D measurements with SPC2


Two new application notes for SPC2 camera about FLIM and 3D acquisition


Fluorescence Lifetime IMaging (FLIM) is a powerful imaging technique based on the differences in the exponential decay rate of the fluorescence from a fluorescent sample, rather than on the emission intensity. Performing FLIM acquisitions, is not only easy but is straightforward thanks to the SPC2 ability to not only generate short gates but also to control with precision their shift respect to a SYNC signal.

Three dimensional (3D) image acquisitions are the enabling technology of a great number of applications such as culture heritage morphology studies, industrial robotics, automotive active safety and security access controls. This Application Note explains how to employ the SPC2 for performing a particular type of 3D acquisition: the one that collects depth information by means of an active illumination of the observed scene and the analysis of the reflected light (e.g. measuring amplitude and phase changes in the backscattered light compared to the illumination one). Particularly the described technique is normally referred to as: continuous-wave indirect Time-of-Flight (cw- iTOF).

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