SPC2 Fast Gated Camera, NOW Ready


The new MPD SPC2 is a SPAD camera based on a 2-D imaging array of 32 x 32 smart pixels. This on-chip integrated device provides single-photon sensitivity, high electronic noise immunity, and fast readout speed up to about 50.000 frames per second. It features high photon-detection efficiency in the visible spectral region and low noise. The camera differs from conventional Charge-Coupled Devices (CCD) or scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensors because it performs a “fully digital” acquisition of the light signal, i.e. each pixel effectively counts the number of photons detected by the sensor during the acquisition time.


The SPC2 uses a 2-D imaging array of 32 x 32 SPAD smart pixels. Such camera can be operated at a maximum frame rate of about 50.000 frames per second with negligible blind time and easily integrated into common optical setups thanks to a C-mount mechanical adapter and a high-speed USB 2.0 computer interface (DLLs for easy integration in most application are provided).

The SPC2 uses standard CMOS technology for the fabrication of high-density SPAD arrays with complex in-chip counting electronics. Each pixel comprises single-photon avalanche diode detector, analog front-end and a digital processing electronics that provides the SPC2 with single-photon sensitivity, high electronic noise immunity, high photon-detection efficiency in the blue/green and near-UV spectral region, timing accuracy in the sub-100ps FWHM and low noise.

An internal gate, built into the SPC2, allows the camera to count only during specific time-windows, which means that the SPC2 can be used for 3D measurments, using indirect ranging measurements (iTOF). Such “indirect” TOF measurements based on the “digital” count of single photons will positively compare with the standard “analog” approach, impaired by “analog” noise and limitation in SNR and sensitivity.

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