SPAD by Technology

SinglePixel.jpgMicro Photon Devices offers a comprehensive family of Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs), fabricated either using custom Silicon, standard CMOS or InGaAs/InP technologies.

The use of unique custom silicon technology, specifically designed for the fabrication of the detectors, combines high photon detection efficiency (peak higher than 60% @ wavelength of 650nm) with low dark count rate (compatible with true single molecule detection) and very low timing jitter (as low as < 30 ps). Besides, our SPAD silicon technology provides extreme stability of FWHM and Centroid Position as a function of counting rate all across the detectors diameter. Last but not least, our custom technology is also the only one allowing production of arrays of up to hundreds of pixels, fully integrated into compact modules that contain all the electronics needed for their proper operation.

pixel_layout.jpgThe use of standard CMOS technology instead provide the advantage of allowing the fabrication of high-density SPAD arrays with complex in-chip electronics (counting and/or timing), although the PDE and DCR are not as good as the one achieved with custom technology. Standard CMOS pixel comprises single-photon avalanche diode detector, analog front-end and a digital processing electronics. These on-chip integrated devices provide single-photon sensitivity, high electronic noise immunity, high photon-detection efficiency in the blue/green and near-UV spectral region and low dark-counting rates, even at room temperature. Also, they feature a timing accuracy in the sub-100ps FWHM range. Usage of standard CMOS SPAD pixel allows manufacturing of lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices that integrate one laboratory function on a single chip of only few square millimeters in size for drug discovery, genomics, diagnostics, proteomics, IVD and POC and high throughput screening.


img-011.jpgFor the near-infrared, from 900 nm to 1.7 μm) single photon counting and timing applications, i.e. quantum key distribution, optical time-resolved spectroscopy, optical VLSI circuit characterization, eye-safe laser ranging (LIDAR), single-photon source characterization and materials science, just to name few among many others, we fully exploit the good performance of InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche diodes. Thanks to an in-depth understanding of the physical mechanisms underlying the detector behaviour, we designed a module that can be operated at high gate repetition rates (up to 133 MHz). Our InGaAs/InP technology can be endorsed to exploit both counting and timing applications, thanks to the flatness of the sensitivity inside the gate window and the state-of-the-art timing resolution (less than 100 ps), limited only by the detector.

Our photon detection technologies are intended to address customer requiements, beeing them Universities, Research Centres or OEMs willing to develop new cutting-edge application or next-generation products.

We can tailor our product addressing customers application-specific needs. Contact us to learn more.