SPAD by Wavelength

Micro Photon Devices offers a comprehensive family of Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) nearly covering the electromagnetic spectrum from the near infrared all the way up to the near ultraviolet.

MPD employs different technologies in order to provide customers with the best detectors in their working wavelength range.

As it happens, we do use our custom or standard CMOS technologies for the detectors that have to work in ultraviolet and visible range (375nm to 1000nm) whilst we use InGaAs/InP SPADs modules for the NIR range (900nm to 1700nm), as silicon becomes virtually blind above 1000nm.

Besides the working range the other major difference between silicon and InGaAs/InP detectors is that the former can be operated in the so called free running mode, i.e. the detectors sits biased and ready to detect a photon until it really gets triggered by an impinging photon. This is possible thanks to the low dark count and aferpulsing characteristic of Silicon.

Instead, in the latter case, because of the intrinsic high dark count rate (even when the detector is kept at very low temperature) and due to the strong afterpulsing which affects InGaAs/InP SPADs, it is necessary to operate the device in gated mode in which the SPAD is enabled only for short time windows, synchronous with the optical signal to be measured.

Our photon detection technologies are intended to address customer requirements, beeing them Universities, Research Centres or OEMs willing to develop new cutting-edge application or next-generation products.

We can tailor our product addressing customers application-specific needs. Contact us to learn more.