Micro Photon Devices Srl (MPD) is a dynamic production and engineering company based in Bolzano. MPD was founded with the goal of leading the forefront research activities in single photon counting and picosecond timing of single photons. MPD currently produces and commercialises advanced single-photon counting modules with unmatched photon-timing capabilities and overall performance. Silicon SPADs  make it possible to conjugate high detector performance with miniaturisation, low power and development of integrated systems. SPADs in compound semiconductors extend photon counting applications to the near infrared spectral range up to the optical fibre wavelengths. 

Besides Micro Photon Devices products range, the company is also available to develop custom designs for specific applications related to photon counting detection technology, taking advantage of its own expertise covering the whole engineering and production flow, including prototyping, components procurement, system integration, testing and shipping.