Micro Photon Devices expertise, covering the whole engineering and production flow, including prototyping, components procurement, system integration and testing, has led us to develop and manufacture electronic instrumentations, typically compendium to the usage of our photon detector modules.  Specifically, our knowledge of phisical principles and how to deal with high speed signal has helped us developing high speed electronic level converters and picosecond delayers, just to name the ones that are now part of our of the shelf products.

In MPD we have our own electronic and mechanics workshops for prototypes realization, ISO-7 clean room for system integration, climatic chamber, electronic and mechanical workshops and dedicated test stands for detection efficiency and timing accuracy measurement.

Our hardware key competences cover high speed logic design including high speed communication, large FPGAs, and analog design. Our software capabilities cover embedded software as well as middleware and user interfaces.

Besides our undisputable detection technologies and capabilities, we have the electronic expertise, product engineering and production experiences to enhance and accelerate customer OEM designs.