The PDC module is a singThe FastGatedSPAD module is a compact detection module capable of gating a silicon SPAD for wide dynamic range optical measurement. The module includes a fast pulse generator, with gating transitions below 300 ps at repetition rates up to 80 MHz, with fully programmable ON time and excess bias. The differential front-end electronics picks up the avalanche pulse with low timing jitter. The module can be operated also in free-running mode, with the SPAD always ON.

The main feature of the module is the possibility to increase the Dynamic Range of TCSPC systems thanks to a fast OFF-ON transition. Thus, weak signals can be extracted out of a huge background by enabling the detector only in well-defined time-windows. The good photon detection efficiency and timing resolution are obtained through both the use of epitaxial SPAD and the microwave layout optimized to reduce the effect of voltage oscillations following the fast gate transitions.

The FastGatedSPAD module is controlled through a PC software interface where it is possible to set all the relevant gate parameters (int./ext. trigger, gate frequency, gate width) and all the detector’s parameters: temperature, excess bias and hold-off time. In this way, it is possible to adjust the detector performances in terms of DCR, hold-off time and photon detection efficiency, in order to properly match the requirements of the user application.

Main module features:

  • 50µm active sensing area diameter
  • DCR < 200 c/s
  • Timing jitter: FWHM as low as 50 ps; FWHM/1000 as low as 450 ps 
  • Detection efficiency: 50% @ 400 nm, 5% @ 800 nm
  • Gated and Free-running modes of operation
  • Gate rise-time: < 300 ps
  • Gate repetition frequency: up to 80 MHz
  • Free Space and Fiber Receptacle versions available
  • Uniform performances all-over the active area




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